• What is a Southern Euc?

  • It is hardy seed that is sourced from the world's coldest provenances.

  • Planted and nurtured by professional growers.

  • Observed in Trials Gardens from Georgia & North Carolina...

  • To Texas...

  • And as far away as Poland.

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***We ship on Mondays to guarantee your Eucs arrive before the weekend*** 

We are proud to offer $10 Flat Rate Express Mail Shipping to many parts of the U.S.*

We are also proud to offer Free Express Mail Shipping, to most States in the U.S., on orders over $250.

You have our promise that your Eucalyptus trees will be selected, packaged and shipped, by hand, with the utmost care from our persnickety Shipping Manager C.W. Smith.

*Orders for Eucalyptus trees outside our region and/or heavier trees may require additional shipping costs.

*Upon receipt, please document any damages, due to shipping, so we can file an accurate claim.



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