Eucalyptus Parvula 'Funky Monkey' Eucalyptus Tree

About Eucalyptus Parvula 'Funky Monkey' Eucalyptus Tree

‘Funky Monkey’ Named for its tendency to twist and turn and for its strikingly beautiful peeling bark. 

Hardiness In your landscape ‘Funky Monkey’ will thrive in zone 7A and above and lower with some additional protection.

Getting Started This Eucalyptus is easy to establish and will constantly reward you with its fragrance, foliage, bark.

Size Easy to control and responds well to pruning.  All grown up ‘Funky Monkey’ could reach 30’. 

Leaf Young leaves are small, delicate, have a spicy eucalyptus fragrance, and hang from semi-weeping branches. Great for cut foliage!

Trunk & Bark Smooth grey – green – brown peeling bark with pink patches 

Flower Small white flowers

Exposure Full sun to light shade. Trunk will twist and turn to reach for the sun.

Soil Type ‘Funky Monkey’ is very adaptable, thriving in dry to damp soils to infertile soils with high PH.

Container Plant? It’s small size, interesting bark, and fragrant foliage makes it a great choice for a deck, porch, or patio. 

What we learned in Southern Euc Trials In McDonough, GA (zone 8A), 15 year old Eucalyptus trees had minimal leaf damage and looked great following winters where temps twice reached 6°.  In Westerville, NC trees, where temperatures reached -10 are thriving a.s large shrubs and small, full trees.

Size Options

Nursery Quart Well-rooted, slightly branching, and 8" min. (from top of root ball).  A great value for a fast growing Eucalyptus tree. 

1 Gallon Pot A more established root system with lateral branching.  12" - 16" (from top of root ball).  A convenient size for transplanting a Eucalyptus tree.

3 Gallon Pot A dense root system with multiple branching.  20" - 3.5' (from top of root ball).  A well established and mature Eucalyptus tree.   


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