Low Maintenance Trees

There are varying degrees to having a “green thumb” and some of us want a low maintenance yard without the hassle of keeping up with care. No worries there because the dedicated and knowledgeable staff at Southern Eucs can link you up with low maintenance trees to accomplish the landscaping project at your home or business. We get it; you’re busy but still appreciate low maintenance plants for the aesthetically-pleasing curbside views they offer. What constitutes low maintenance trees? Those who’ve planted maple, barberry, eucalyptus and birch varieties have found that these trees take to the soil easily and did not require heavy lifting after planting. As for low maintenance plants, any yard would benefit from azalea, bayberry, ornamental grasses and perennial plantings. Naturally, nobody expects you to be an expert on all the options available with low maintenance plants and trees. That’s why the Southern Eucs team is standing by to offer guidance based off the unique needs of your specific region.