Our Guarantee & Return Policy

"Gardens are not made by singing 'Oh how beautiful,' and sitting in the shade."  ---Rudyard Kipling

Even "tried and true" natives and heirloom plants - passed on for generations - sometimes die for no apparent reason.  Winters are unpredictable, drought is an unwanted guest, and first year plantings take time to adapt to their surroundings.  Bottom line is - no life is infinite.  It's a natural part of the process and even the best gardeners lose plants.

We have gone to great lengths to assure your success.  We have been observing E. nichollii 'Angus', E. parvula 'Funky Monkey' and others in zone 8A for over 18 years.  We source our seeds from reliable, honest, and passionate people who live and breathe Eucalyptus trees.  And we have been planting and observing hundreds in our Trials for over five years.  All of this gives Southern Eucs the confidence to grow and guarantee these cold hardy trees.

If your Southern Euc doesn't make it in that critical first year, in its defined zone or above, (including growing back from the base following a cold winter), we'll get you another one.  All we ask is a proof of purchase and some honest feedback.  Because our experience is with growing trees in outside environments, we cannot guarantee trees that are grown as house plants! 

Email us a picture of the plant with a detailed description of the plant's care and outside environment.  If we have the tree available (or a suitable option) in the same container, we'll get it out to you as soon as possible.  The cost of the tree and any handling charges are on us; all we ask is that you cover the *cost of shipping.

*In some cases the "actual cost" of shipping may be higher than a customer's original "Flat Rate".