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Want your neighbors to be green with envy when it comes to your yard? By researching the right extremely fast growing trees and other plants to enhance appearances, you’ll quickly have the (best looking) house on the block. The key word here is “quick,” as finding the fastest growing eucalyptus tree is easy with a little research.

fast growing treesfast growing trees for sale


The Omeo Gum ‘Big O’ is a (variety) of eucalyptus that has been shown to grow in leaps and bounds annually. In fact, some of these fast growing trees will climb as much as (six) feet per year for at least a decade or more and can grow to reach at least 30 feet in height. These really fast growing trees are also well-suited to the majority of climates in the U.S. Further, the (foliage of) ‘Big O’ -- as this Southern Eucs (variety) is known -- can give the interior of your home a unique scent (and help repel insects) thanks to the (oils in the) leaves and bark.

What does all this mean to those searching for fast growing trees for sale? For starters, trees that grow fast are the best bet for someone working on a beautification project who wants to see the fruits of their labor blossom sooner rather than later. If you’re looking for fast growing trees for shade, finding the right species will guarantee you plenty of space to hide from the sun in just a few years after planting.

Other superior, cold hardy, and trials tested varieties offered by Southern Eucs include;

Pauciflora – ‘Bonza’

Pauciflora – debeuze-villei ‘Mappa Tassie’

Parvula – Small Leaf Gum ‘Funky Monkey’

Stellulata - Black Sally ‘Sheila’

Elliptica - White Gum ‘Grace’

Nova-Anglica – Black Peppermint ‘Maggie’

Camphora – Swamp Gum ‘Lucky Country’

Rubida – Candlebark ‘Cab Sav’

Nicholii – Willow Leaf Peppermint ‘Angus’

Perrinians – Spinning Gum (spring 2018)

Pulverulenta – Baby Blue (spring 2018)