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***Orders received by 6:00pm EST on Saturday will ship the following Monday to better guarantee your Eucs arrive before the weekend*** 

We are proud to offer Flat Rate Express Mail Shipping to most of the U.S.  What this often means is that adding more plants to your cart doesn't add up to additional shipping charges!

We are also proud to offer Shipping, to most States in the U.S., on orders over $150.

You have our promise that your Eucalyptus trees will be selected, packaged and shipped, by hand, with the utmost care from our persnickety Shipping Manager C.W. Smith.

*Orders for Eucalyptus trees outside our region and/or larger trees may require additional shipping costs.

*Upon receipt, please document any damages due to shipping and notify us via email, within 24 hrs., so we can ship you a proper tree and file an accurate claim.



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Jay Fortner's Florida Potted Southern Eucs
March 20, 2017

I started eucalyptus neglecta 'Big O', eucalyptus elliptica 'Grace', and eucalyptus camphors  'Lucky Country' from 4" containers about a year ago.   My goal was to grow them in pots on the patio of my Tampa home. Originally the soil in the pots dried out quickly...

How do I know if a plant will survive in my area?
February 14, 2017

People often ask me if a favorite plant they saw on vacation or at one of the big box stores will survive in their area.  Well, the answer is not always as black and white as you would like.   At Southern Eucs we take...

Trials Update: 40 days with no rain, no problem for Southern Eucs Eucalyptus Trees!
December 21, 2016

The recent rains are a welcome sight for parched landscapes around the South. Neither plant was irrigated, but an azalea falls victim to the drought, while a Eucalyptus 'Big O' still thrives.   In doing a little research I learned that, before recent rains, parts...

"Grace" Under Fire; A story of survival of an abondoned Eucalyptus Tree
October 27, 2016

I can't recall the exact date, but my intentions were good when I offered to design and plant a small garden on a hard packed piece of land, owned by a quarry, but doubling as a soccer field. .   The...