Eucalyptus Pauciflora Deb. 'Mappa Tassie' Eucalyptus Tree

About Eucalyptus Pauciflora Deb. 'Mappa Tassie' Eucalyptus Tree

'Mappa Tassie' Because it has a unique round to heart shaped leaf that resembles Tasmania. 

Hardiness One of the Snow Gums, this species is considered, by many, to be the most cold hardy of all the paucifloria sub-species. In your landscape ‘Mappa Tassie’ will thrive in zone 7A and above. In colder zones, with some protection, trees are surviving down to zone 6B.

Getting Started This Southern Euc’s growth rate is much slower than others but definitely worth the wait.  Requires some additional watering during hot dry seasons.

Size All grown up this Eucalyptus tree could reach 25’.

Leaf Leathery, distinctive soft blue, and round to heart-shaped. 

Trunk & Bark Trunk is artistically contorted. Bark is a powdery white with hints of burgundy. 

Flower Groups of small white flowers.

Exposure Full sun.  Also great selection for wind exposed and sites with salty air.

Soil Type All types, but does best in well-drained soils.

Container Plant? Smaller size, contorted trunk, smooth bark, and seasonal hints of color make it a great choice for a deck, porch, or patio.

What we learned in Southern Euc Trials In McDonough, GA (zone 8A) a 10 month old Eucalyptus tree had minimal leaf damage after a winter where temps reached 6°.  In Suches, GA (zone 7A) a 10 month old tree that froze to the ground at 0°, has recovered nicely growing 2 -3' in that same year.

Size Options

Nursery Quart Well-rooted, slightly branching, and 6" min. (from top of root ball).  A great value for a fast growing Eucalyptus tree. 

1 Gallon Pot A more established root system with lateral branching.  12" - 16" (from top of root ball).  A convenient size for transplanting a Eucalyptus tree.

3 Gallon Pot A dense root system with multiple branching.  20" - 3.5' (from top of root ball).  A well established and mature Eucalyptus tree.   

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