Eucalyptus Perriniana 'Luna' Eucalyptus Tree

About Eucalyptus Perriniana 'Luna' Eucalyptus Tree

‘Luna’ Named for the Goddess of the Moon

Hardiness Our trials have ‘Luna’ hardy in zone 7 and 8. It's widely reported to handle temperatures below 0 degrees, but not the ideal tree for high heat / high humidity regions.

Getting Started This Eucalyptus is adaptable to a wide variety of climates, but does best in a cool and dry environment.  Great selection for Mid-Atlantic and Northern States.  

Size Easy to control and responds well to pruning.  All grown up 'Luna' could reach 25’. 

Leaf The outstanding feature of this species is the circular leaves, which completely encircle the stem, as the stem passes through the center of each leaf and out the other end!  Takes on shades of lavender and blue and has a strong minty fragrance.    

Trunk & Bark Smooth, bronze-grey, or white-green in color.

Flower Small white flowers 

Exposure Full sun, part shade in hotter regions.

Soil Type Prefers a well-drained moist soil.

Container Plant? A real conversation starter in a pot, on a patio, or porch.

What we learned in Southern Euc Trials In McDonough, GA (zone 8A), three year old Eucalyptus trees had minimal leaf damage and looked great following winters where temps twice reached the teens.  Trees have struggled with recent rains and humidity.

Size Options

Nursery Quart Well-rooted, slightly branching, and 8" min. (from top of root ball).  A great value for a fast growing Eucalyptus tree. 

1 Gallon Pot A more established root system with lateral branching.  10" - 14" (from top of root ball).  A convenient size for transplanting a Eucalyptus tree.

3 Gallon Pot A dense root system with multiple branching.  18"- 3.0' (from top of root ball).  A well established and mature Eucalyptus tree.   

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