Gregsoniana 'Snow Day' Eucalyptus *Exclusive 2020 Trials Introduction

About Gregsoniana 'Snow Day' Eucalyptus *Exclusive 2020 Trials Introduction

Why 'Snow Day'?  Because it’s a snow gum with huge clusters of white flowers.

Hardiness  One of the extremely cold hardy members of Snow Gums, ‘Snow Day’ thrives in some of the coldest alpine areas in New South Wales.  In you landscape it will thrive in zone 7A and above.  In colder zones, with some protection, trees are surviving down to zone 6B.

Getting Started  This Southern Euc’s growth rate is much slower than others but definitely worth the wait.

Size  Easy to control and responds well to pruning.  All grown up this miniature Eucalyptus tree could reach 12’.

Leaf  New buds are bright emerald green.  Young stems are burgundy wine red with shades of orange. 

Trunk & Bark  Mature bark is silvery pewter grey with flecks of gold; peels beautifully in ribbons, to reveal a smooth creamy white bark.

Flower  Large golf-ball sized clusters of white flowers that attract all kinds of pollinators.

Exposure  Full sun to part shade

Soil Type  All types, but does best in well-drained soils. 

Container Plant?  Extremely small size, slow growth rate, interesting bark, and seasonal hints of color make it a great choice for a deck, porch, or patio.

What we learned in Southern Euc Trials  In McDonough, GA (zone 8A) 10 month old Eucalyptus trees, in pots and in ground, had zero stress signs after a winter where temps reached in the low 20’s.  Appears to be more drought tolerant than other snow gums.


Size Options

Nursery Quart  A well rooted, slightly branching, 12 -14" (from top of root ball) Eucalyptus tree.  Available.

1 Gallon Pot  More established root system and branching.  18 - 24" from top of root ball.  Available now!

3 Gallon Pot Dense root system and multiple branching.  3 - 5' (from top of root ball) well established Eucalyptus tree. 

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