The Eucalyptus Story

Eucalyptus leaves and Eucalyptus oil have long been a staple in floral arrangements, potpourri, insect repellants, air fresheners, and medicines.  Eucalyptuses are also one of the fastest growing, longest-lived species of trees, providing much needed shade, privacy, ornamental value, wood, and diversity in a landscape.

There are over 700 species of Eucalyptus trees growing natively on the Australian continent as well as landscapes in California, Europe, Africa, and South America.  Most prefer temperate climates because they are evergreen and more susceptible to hard frosts.  But the coldest regions of S.E. Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand regularly see below freezing temperatures.  Certain species, through adaptation, are thriving in heavy snow, ice, and even subzero temperatures.

What we have learned from 18 years of research and over 400 individual plantings - with no additional care, soil amendments / fertilizers, water, and with little protection from the elements - is that select Eucalyptuses (Southern Eucs) are cold hardy and thrive in much of the U.S. (USDA zone 6B and above).  Click on to learn more about your zone.