Atlanta's Eucalyptus Trees

Posted on January 19, 2018 by Ed Coughlin

On a recent shopping trip from my home in McDonough, GA to the Krog Street Market in Atlanta, I got an idea to see just how many thriving Eucalyptus trees, hopefully Southern Eucs, I could locate on the 30 mile northbound drive. Mile marker one was easy. Sitting in my driveway, 16 years after planting, I’m still in awe of the 35’ tall, original ‘Angus’.

(Thought) I lost one of the ‘Angus’ Eucs to a 6 degree winter back in 2015, but now have a nice 15’ replacement that has regrown from the base.

Twenty feet down the driveway are a 30’ tall, three-year old ‘Cab Sav’, and 20’ tall, 16 yr. old ‘Funky Monkey’,  

I know, my own house, kinda like cherry pickin’. Let’s hit the road!  Just a mile away there’s a Southern Eucs success story at Matt and Mary Jane Portwood’s house.. They needed to replace a dead Wax Myrtle in a high profile area they use for entertaining. They planted this 1 gallon neglecta ‘Big 0’ about 18 months ago and are thrilled with the rapid growth, fragrance, and light shade it provides.

This stunning Euc 2 miles away is in the historic section of McDonough and it fits perfect with this home's color and craftsman style.

Mile marker four is a Euc that I have long kept tabs on. This (unidentifiable) 40’ tall Eucalyptus tree calls the Ola area of Henry County home. I’m confident it is a Southern Eucs because of its proximity to the nursery I used to own and sell Eucalyptus trees from.

At mile marker five, right near the entrance of I75, are three, I think, rubida ‘Cab Savs’.They do a great job screening the interstate and filtering the sounds of the busy interstate.

Just off the exit is a trials participant in East Atlanta. Scott Lootens, a videographer by trade, always sends great pictures documenting the rapid growth of his three-year-old ‘Big 0’ and pauciflora ‘Bonza’.

Working my way over to the Market, I have fist hand knowledge of a great Southern Euc in the Emory Area.  I helped plant it at world renowned designer, metal fabricator and TV host Bryan Fuller's cottage style house in the Emory area of Atl.

Finally, Krog Street Market and mile thirty of the shopping spree, turned Southern Eucs sighting trip.

I know a lot of landscapers in the metro Atlanta have been adding Southern Eucs to their designs. And wouldn’t you know it, while looking for parking at the Market, I noticed that great silver-blue color - only a few trees can claim - highlighting this in town home’s tidy landscape.

Looks like a ‘Maggie’ but I didn’t want to intrude any further on the homeowner’s privacy. Absolutely love the placement as a specimen tree and how it sets apart this home from other’s in the Atlanta neighborhood.

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