Before Southern Eucs, After Southern Eucs: A Guest Blog Post by Brian Carter

Posted on August 29, 2017 by Ed Coughlin

Here's a quick history of the yard since we bought our house last year:

We had 22 Pine Trees, 2 Laurel Oaks and 2 Red Maples removed about this time last year.  The Pines were just too tall, and had to go.  The others were diseased unfortunately... I hated to see them go.  But hey, it made room for all these Eucs.

Here's a picture taken around November of last year when I was re-grading the yard (Yard is approximately 8500 sq.ft.)

So far I've planted Southern Eucs in the backyard only.  I'm considering some for the front.  We'll see.  Here are some iPhone photos of the three I've gotten from Southern Eucs so far at planting:  Here's Big O in the back left corner of my backyard:

Lucky Country at planting:

Lucky Country has amazed me.  Despite the root-ball and root-collar damage from shipment, it has taken off -- growing about 1 ft so far.  It started showing growth within a couple days after planting.  I'd have to say it is my favorite.  

Note that the soil where Big O and LC are planted is at the lower grade of my backyard, and therefore gets quite mucky when we get heavy rains.  We had a big storm just after planting Big O where we got 5 inches within a couple hours!  The rain water took a few hours to drain down.  Didn't seem to phase Big O.  Funky Monkey at planting.

Grace showed slight stress initially after planting, but soon recovered strongly and is now showing new growth which appears to be picking up speed.  This is despite my pug "marking his territory", and insects eating her leaves a bit, which I was surprised to see.  I ended up planting her near our back-porch.

And here is a photo taken about a month ago from the same angle as the first pict.:


 Beautiful (Euc) yard Brian!!!  look for our next blog post on "Atlanta Homes Utilizing  Eucs!"

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