Trials Update: 30' Growth & Stunning White bark in under 3 yrs.!

Posted on October 14, 2016 by Ed Coughlin

Most folks ITP (inside the perimeter) know that the East Atlanta neighborhood is the place to do some serious people watching, hear great music, or take in the Strut or East Atlanta Beer Fest.  Now you can add show-stopping Eucalyptus trees to their village voice.

Villagers pride themselves on thinking outside the box, and  new homeowner Scott Lootens wanted to make a statement fast, so he agreed to take part in the Southern Eucs Trials.  Both trees, started from seed less than three years ago, have not disappointed.  


The location gave Southern Eucs a zone 7b site and valuable feedback on how the trees would fare in a busy urban environment.


Eucalyptus neglecta 'Big 0' was planted to help screen a busy Glenwood Avenue.  In less than 3 years it has grown to 30' and attained a brilliant trunk and canopy. 


Eucalyptus are evergreens, offering  year round cover, but it's the way they pay compliments to the other deciduous trees, most notably this nearby Crape Myrtle, that grabs the eye.


Eucalyptus paucifloriia 'Bonza'  was planted as a specimen tree to help frame Looten's craftsman styled cottage.

It's the striking bark that really sets 'Bonza' apart.  White trunks are common in Birches and Aspens in the North and out West, but you would be hard pressed to find a smooth white trunk in a hardy tree that thrives in the South.

Eucalyptus elliptica 'Grace' showing off similar hardiness and trunk traits in the zone 8a McDonough, GA trials garden.




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