A visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens Pt. 2

Posted on June 27, 2016 by Ed Coughlin

The Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland have 10 huge glass houses dedicated to diversity in the world’s climates. The horticulturists here do an unbelievable job with placards on the plant’s history and behaviors.

But a picture is worth a thousand words.

Folks here are not only the world’s best horticulturists but they know a little something about presentation.

The entrance into the first Palm House was smothered by a weeping Kashmir Cypress tree.

The assortment of Palms and Orchids was overwhelming.


I thought the process in which this small tree fern (Cyathea Tomentosissima) unveiled its fronds was pretty spectacular.

And for anyone who ever dreamed of a small pond, some fish, and the sound of running water, the Royals got it right!

Feast your eyes on the gigantic Victoria Longwood hybrid water lily.  6’ in diameter, they looked almost too perfect to be real!

Next post; USA, USA, USA!

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