A visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens Pt. 3

Posted on July 04, 2016 by Ed Coughlin

A visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland is awe inspiring and leaves even a seasoned gardener in awe and envy.

Picking a favorite garden or plant is impossible, but the Mountain Tropical House kept me there well past the allotted time I had budgeted for each glass house visit.

Not only was the climate considerably cooler, to mimic higher altitudes, but the plant life seemed to grow from anything left on the ground for rot.

Thought I traced this moss and fern covered trunk back to its origin.

But counted three different varieties of Rhododendron growing from various points on the same rotted-out trunk.

There were some exotic cacti from all over the world in the Desert Climate House.

A little closer to home in was the American native Prickly Pear.

It was introduced to the Old World as a food source. Apparently the fruits are tasty and sweet.

Later introduced alongside Australia’s Eucalyptus trees, it was so happy in the dry arid climate that it now occupies over 24 million acres of the landscape.

And finally for the Lawn Lover’s out there.

Acres of pristine green stuff with hundreds of perennials in borders that seemed to go on forever.

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